We the family members of mrs. Shahnaz E Ansari age 75years,whom you operated in 2014 for her shoulder fracture,are thankful to you and obliged, she is absolutely fine and doing her household work comfortably

- J Ansari

I would definitely recommend Dr Naved Ansari for Orthopaedics problems as I am very satisfied and relieved from my knee problem due to trauma which he operated and

I face no problem in walking and back to all my work
thank you very much

- Abdul Mukeem


I had very bad fracture in 2014 in my leg and was advised urgent surgery by Dr. Naved Ansari
I opted for surgery and was completely satisfied by the surgery
Dr Naved is a very talented and expert surgeon
I wud definitely recommend all for the surgeon

- Ramzan

I had severe pain in my Right lower limb in 2016

I took medicines for long period,but didnt get any relief,I couldn’t walk for 50 metres also as my right leg started severe pain. I then consulted an orthopaedic surgeon and was advised MRI SPINE and was diagnosed as PID,disc prolapse and was advised surgery
I then approached Dr Ansari and he also advised me surgery and I agreed for thr surgery
I had many doubts regarding surgery,but Dr Ansari gave me the confidence
I was surprised that Dr .Ansari made me walk the same evening of surgery and mu pain was completely relieved.
Even today I am pain free
Thank u dr Ansari

- Laxmi

I had done my total hip replacement in 2012 of the left side due to hip disease But again in 2017 I had same problems in my right side and was advised Total Hip Replacement surgery
I was referred to Dr. Naved Ansari. I got the surgery done by him and am very happy till today and am anle to walk happily and do my routine work

- Niyaz

I was advised Total Hip Replacement in lucknow. I came to Mumbai and consulted dr. naved ansari and got my surgery done
I was discharged on 5th day of my surgery. I am anle to do my al work and I highly recommended dr naved for hip problems

- saddam

I had my leg fracture and plating surgery was by dr naved at Mumbai
I am completely satisfied by the surgey and can walk and do jogging without any problems
thank u Dr Naved

- Sofia

I had my ankle fracture 4 years back. I got operated y Dr Naved Ansari at Habib Hospital then. Today i have no problems in my ankle,No pain, not even pain in winters
I recommend all for Dr Naved Ansari

- Shahadat

my grandma got hip fracture surgery done by Dr Naved Ansari
we the whole family are very happy by the surgery and my grandma can walk around comfortably al around without any problem

- K Jain

I had an arm fracture and was advised surgery by all the orthopedic surgeons but I don’t wanted surgery
I consulted dr ansari and he agreed for treatment without surgery
Today my fractuunited without and surgery thanks to dr ansari

- M Khan

I consulted dr ansari for knee pain and am very satisfied with the medicines prescribed by him

- K Agarwal

I got my moms hip surgeydone by Dr Naved and I and mom are completely happy with the surgery

- Habib Sayed

My father had trigger finger and was treated conservatively by dr naved and he is now pain free

- S Feroz

I had my knee surgery done by dr naved and I can do all my yoga and running,thanks to dr ansari sir

- K Asif

I had severe back pain and was given medicines for same by dr naved and was relieved within 3 days

- Feroz Ansari

I had my hand tendon cut due to bike accident
Dr Naved repaired the tendon by surgery
I can do all my work by the hand

- Aabid Khan

I had severe knee pain and was given medicine by Dr Naved Ansari
my pain was relived within 5 days
Thanks Dr Ansari

- Prashant kumar

My mom jad severe OA knee and was advised Knee replacement Surgery by Dr Naved Ansari and was operated within 10 days. She was discharged on 6 th day of surgery by Dr Naved
My mom is bow completely pain free and can now walk around freely

- Kishore

I had tennis elbow and was suffering a lot due to it. I am now pain free,thank Dr naved for the best treatment given by you

- Shubham Jain

My child had elbow fracture. No Orthopaedic surgeon was available due to midnight I called Dr Naved regarding the aame and he attended my child and applied plaster at midnight
Thanks a lot Dr

- Shruti Shah

I had my spine surgery done by Dr Naved And now today I am painfree and can do all my routines painfree.
Thnks Dr Ansari Naved

- Abbas

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